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I Must Hit Men...

I Must Hit Men...

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I'm In Attack on Titan

I'm In Attack on Titan

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2020 Almost Made Me Quit Youtube
Happy Wheels #102

Happy Wheels #102

Пре месец

I completely broke him...

I completely broke him...

Пре месец

I licked everything I could find
I finally got a car and crashed it
I Got Sent To Jail For Christmas...
Beating the ENTIRE game in one video


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Is this a saviour? | Raft

Is this a saviour? | Raft

Пре 2 месеца

*OMG* They added me into MINECRAFT
Is that a CRUISE SHIP?? | Raft

Is that a CRUISE SHIP?? | Raft

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Dyeing My Hair Green Again

Dyeing My Hair Green Again

Пре 2 месеца

The SMARTEST I've Ever Been In Among Us
  1. Stephen Wilkinson

    Stephen WilkinsonПре 23 сата


  2. Gabriel

    GabrielПре 23 сата

    best opening ive ever seen so far

  3. Hayden Baer

    Hayden BaerПре 23 сата

    M y mom cares if you swear

  4. Luke thaDuke

    Luke thaDukeПре 23 сата

    I was today years old when I found out that Peter Parker is the same voice as Sasuke Uchiha (dubbed version)

  5. J T

    J TПре 23 сата

    I think it was a radio that the long arm guy was listening to because he was blind if memory serves right

  6. soggy sandals

    soggy sandalsПре 23 сата

    Love this man, so glad i got to be here for this

  7. Maya Bray

    Maya BrayПре 23 сата

    This game reminds me a lot of the movie "9"

  8. hi

    hiПре 23 сата

    26.5 million now Can we hit 30 million at the end of the year?

  9. Camilla Buch

    Camilla BuchПре 23 сата

    55:44 "Hakuna, matata, hakuna, matata"

  10. Matt Styles

    Matt StylesПре 23 сата

    U being bad doesn't mean the game is jank

  11. Panda King

    Panda KingПре 23 сата

    57:06 that cracked me up 🤣

  12. Mason Phillips-Smith

    Mason Phillips-SmithПре 23 сата

    I have a memory of watching this video when It came out and I was in elementary school and what I specifically remember is scorching one of my fingers black with a jet lighter while watching this

  13. Boston Roberts

    Boston RobertsПре 23 сата

    Bruh you translated the words that I was hearing😂, I thought I was just hearing random words but apparently... I WAS

  14. King Webb Gaming

    King Webb GamingПре 23 сата

    Always love the content being watching it for years and its amazing just wondering I'm thinking of starting my own channel but I don't know but I was wondering what's your setup like and how you do the stuff you do

  15. J T

    J TПре 23 сата

    47:57 .... the what and thewhat now?

  16. simeng song

    simeng songПре 23 сата


  17. LOLcreates _

    LOLcreates _Пре дан

    Is the girl 6?

  18. aslay Aslay

    aslay AslayПре дан

    This game is just full of puns

  19. Sky

    SkyПре дан

    My Stomach...

  20. Ari kiss

    Ari kissПре дан

    Why is Jack so adorable ?🤣

  21. I_eat _knees

    I_eat _kneesПре дан


  22. Streach Atom

    Streach AtomПре дан

    The real question is what in the name of god is six ? What her/it’s Purpose and again i think six was locked up for a good reason and this is my own opinion But I don’t think six is even a child nor a human heck Nothing from this game is human

  23. karrot

    karrotПре дан

    so we know that the kid with the main protagonist is Six, but, random fact, the kid you play as in this game is named Mono !

  24. ScullCrusher99 SoulReaper

    ScullCrusher99 SoulReaperПре дан

    Jack if you go back and get all the glitches you can unlock the secret ending

  25. Artlyssa72000 G

    Artlyssa72000 GПре дан

    I too would love a third game

  26. Jonas Petersen

    Jonas PetersenПре дан

    I believe that the eye creature in the signal tower is a being from another dimension. When you go through the television you are travelling through the dimensions. The eye symbols in the world is not just because the creature sees everything. The creature controls everything. One day our dimension and another dimension met each other. This eye, a evil creature with a lust for power came to our dimension and started to slowly brainwash people and change their form through the televisions. The only people the eye could not control was children. The most innocent of all. Because of this, the eye hated and feared the children. The only people able to destroy it. Because of this, every living adult creature wanted the children dead or captured. Because the eye wanted them either dead or locked up and growing up, so the eye one day could take control over them. My little theory =)

  27. JxyfulYT

    JxyfulYTПре дан

    instead of hearing secret agent man i heard secret Asian man



    Ok so this game is a prequel because that’s how six gets his yellow jacket

  29. ShrineBow

    ShrineBowПре дан

    “Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but follow me into the woods, and murder maybe?” 10/10, amazing and would listen to again

  30. SuperKinahead

    SuperKinaheadПре дан

    Yusss iv been waiting for you to play this. Havnt watched anyone else

  31. Matt Styles

    Matt StylesПре дан

    Ur r not even close jack. Thats not the hanging guy. The thin man was the big bad even in the last game

  32. Jacob Vasquez

    Jacob VasquezПре дан

    hardcore players after they die:

  33. RockinRowl Gaming

    RockinRowl GamingПре дан

    Hi JackSepticEye, can I have a shoutout for my channel please, thanks

  34. Grilled Leeks

    Grilled LeeksПре дан

    The music when you find six again... goosebumps

  35. Rogen Eastwood

    Rogen EastwoodПре дан

    I have tinnitus

  36. I'm a pigeon

    I'm a pigeonПре дан


  37. Milena _

    Milena _Пре дан

    I believe the children were singing the same song that played in the first game when you turn on the television in the janitor's library. At around 38:14.

  38. Anuj Golatkar

    Anuj GolatkarПре дан

    00:40 the most Irish accent I've heard from jack

  39. Riffa Lilia

    Riffa LiliaПре дан

    I just realised, what if the little nightmare is referring to herself and not the monsters

  40. Meg Marie

    Meg MarieПре дан

    First 5 seconds in, I'm already dying 🤣🤣

  41. This is Fine

    This is FineПре дан

    Ok but like ive noticed that Six acts like a "monster" after she puts on the yellow raincoat. like before that she was quite sweet and caring but after she put it on she acted quite twisted and "evil" more or less?? idk man, maybe i'm reading the signs wrong? Am i the only one who sees this?

  42. ur mum

    ur mumПре дан

    That brad pitt accent is an english-irish traveller accent, its actually pretty spot on for a traveller accent

  43. Ivar Taavo

    Ivar TaavoПре дан

    This is a prequel

  44. TylerWolfie Watt

    TylerWolfie WattПре дан

    Collect all the glitches to get a secret ending u find out more about what hapend x

  45. Furry Fox

    Furry FoxПре дан

    Damn, I forgot how easily Jimmy dies in this game. As you get more characters, he becomes a useless liability, so I stopped using him as much.

  46. Dry Bones

    Dry BonesПре дан

    Who knew little nightmares would give me fucking nightmares

  47. Charley Grayson

    Charley GraysonПре дан

    So mr tickles is mono 😞

  48. Joey Bruneo

    Joey BruneoПре дан


  49. Cece Rafferty

    Cece RaffertyПре дан

    7:52 "What is the motto of Maryland?" Me, a Marylander: heck, I don't know

  50. Sava Online

    Sava OnlineПре дан


  51. Frisk Kimura

    Frisk KimuraПре дан

    Dear Bingus Séan sounds so much different

  52. Pastel fluff

    Pastel fluffПре дан

    I am actually so tense watching the mannequin bit holy god

  53. Mark Dragon

    Mark DragonПре дан

    this title is a prequel of little nightmare 1, Six in the beginning of this chapter didn't have the yellow coat. however Six is just a kid, if you break the favourite toy of a kid, the kid of course will react really badly. that's it.



    I love the sound effects

  55. spunkbob

    spunkbobПре дан

    That natural simba cough sounds so fuken weird

  56. reptiles234

    reptiles234Пре дан

    i have not watched the others affter this 1 but i think that the freind i 6 bc 6 has a yellow jacket to. and i saw the end of this game yester day and i think this game ends in the start of the 1st game

  57. Stephanie Baker

    Stephanie BakerПре дан

    Oh Jack :( I am so sorry! There is a certain extra painful aspect to the way that things have to be done during this Virus. Babies being brought into the world are missing people who love them to watch the event. People passing cannot have their life celebrated in quite the same traditional manner. I am so sorry 😞 You are a strong, funny, goal driven individual and I am sure he is proud of you. Grieve in your own time do not let anyone tell you how 😍

  58. Rose Waters

    Rose WatersПре дан

    I think time passes differently in the tower. Just like how Six became large in little to no time, I think Mono got changed in the same way. So perhaps Six went through a “long” time in isolation in the tower. That’s why in the room she was found in, she kept mementos of the time she had with Mono. She kept herself safe and calm from the eyes monster surrounding her... until Mono breaks her safe space.

  59. JamesDropp

    JamesDroppПре дан

    Six turned into frocking Billie ellish, lol

  60. Mariam Hossam

    Mariam HossamПре дан

    31:34 Donald Duck was summoned.

  61. Péter Arok1

    Péter Arok1Пре дан

    seán MCglockmuffin ?

  62. Shield. RiverFN Shield.clanfn

    Shield. RiverFN Shield.clanfnПре дан

    Watch mullys Videos The videos are funny it will make you feel better

  63. Nevrin

    NevrinПре дан

    “That’s what I like in my horror games, horror elements” Ah yes, the floor is made of floor

  64. luke forsyth

    luke forsythПре дан

    At 16:10 I was like long live the king

  65. PropsMovv

    PropsMovvПре дан

    jacksepticeye predicted mr douchebag meme

  66. chief

    chiefПре дан

    this is only one question that I want answered between the first and the second what is six really looking for or what's her purpose.

  67. zavier touray

    zavier tourayПре дан

    the fart at 13:11

  68. MS A

    MS AПре дан

    20:41 WHHHAAAAAT??? The ending was absolutely amazing sean what on earth are you talking about???

  69. Dela pena Judiel jess

    Dela pena Judiel jessПре дан

    A titan!?

  70. Landon Howell

    Landon HowellПре дан

    rewatching this play through and it doesn’t disappoint love you jack

  71. Facade Kitsune

    Facade KitsuneПре дан

    Funny you should mention "depth perception" as that is the number one complaint about this game

  72. Monius13

    Monius13Пре дан

    When are huskies gonna take over vocals for all the metalcore bands???

  73. PHONIE

    PHONIEПре дан

    I remember when this vid came out 5 mins ago now it’s 4 years 😭

  74. Sebastian Hoffmann

    Sebastian HoffmannПре дан

    I think the boy who became the tall man with the hat (you played) is the same man at the beginning of the first game who hanged himself because he does want to break the cycle he was caught in. the chair he was sitting on was the same chair... and the first time we see the distorted six she was sitting in the suitcase she also had at thge beginning of the first game.. so i also think the big tower from the second game is actually the maw from the first game.

  75. Ethan Sawaya

    Ethan SawayaПре дан

    i’ll be honest hearing the outro to his videos now seem so weird. It’s like he’s grown up ahahaha i miss the energy sean used to bring but i also love this sean

  76. ich shieße

    ich shießeПре дан

    Hey Jack, are you going to play subnautica below zero again because its nearly finished and realised?

  77. Gnat Vova

    Gnat VovaПре дан

    Good game

  78. Miguel Angelo Wong

    Miguel Angelo WongПре дан

    My only question is HOW DID THE CHAIR GREW WITH MONO hmm?

  79. mrproivi

    mrproiviПре дан

    hey jack just letting you know your video is being used by the developer on steam as their ''live'' stream

  80. 0.Xradio.girlX.0

    0.Xradio.girlX.0Пре дан

    Oh, I LOVE the film 9!! It’s so good! And it does kinda remind me of this a bit I can see why u said that lol