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  1. jacksepticeye

    jacksepticeyeПре 6 дана

    He's BACK!

  2. MC Henry OFFICIAL

    MC Henry OFFICIALПре 4 дана

    Please!Check my song. 👍👍

  3. Texas Farmer

    Texas FarmerПре 6 дана

    Yayyyyyy wooooo

  4. K.K.Y. SHE

    K.K.Y. SHEПре 6 дана

    @Rhymeguy 55 hell yeah xD thank you!

  5. Donna Ortega

    Donna OrtegaПре 6 дана

    Yayyy welcome back! 💚

  6. Ofelia Vega

    Ofelia VegaПре 6 дана

    Jack how do you feel when you are called british

  7. Alex Ander

    Alex AnderПре 46 минута

    Jack's colon youtube channel coming soon!

  8. Howto Tf2

    Howto Tf2Пре сат


  9. Cool Panda

    Cool PandaПре сат

    what a roller-coasters of a video. Good to see ya in good health.

  10. Elazor MC

    Elazor MCПре 2 сата

    Been watching for years and maybe my first ever comment

  11. Mary Joy Gelizon

    Mary Joy GelizonПре 2 сата

    23:28 theres "educational" videos about a womans vag and nude yoga on yt so im pretty sure ur allowed to post that and if not then yt can go celebrate on being the dumbest people on earth

  12. Seth Harris

    Seth HarrisПре 2 сата

    Welcome back Gracious gift of god Son of viking.

  13. Bermuda Kat

    Bermuda KatПре 2 сата

    Banner idea: Sam holding a cup of top of the morning coffee.

  14. some storm is coming

    some storm is comingПре 3 сата

    "I remember being in school I would make jokes and stuff at the worst time and then people would look at me and go 'what the fuck is wrong with you'." Far too relatable

  15. Jack Scott

    Jack ScottПре 3 сата

    I got your mug. Top of the morning coffee mug. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ been subscribed pretty much from the start your a hero dude.

  16. JasonTA _

    JasonTA _Пре 4 сата

    Would you REALLY like us to draw you a new background!!? 😲😲😲

  17. Midnight Games

    Midnight GamesПре 4 сата


    22 CHRISTIAN BARRERAПре 4 сата

    who else wants him to bring back Detroit become human again :(

  19. Gr3enR0ses

    Gr3enR0sesПре 4 сата

    wow okay, we see you jack

  20. Alchemical Silver

    Alchemical SilverПре 4 сата

    To all who read this. Shut the fuck up, you're beautiful

  21. Sandy

    SandyПре 5 сати

    I have the duck cus i adore that one😂

  22. Sandy

    SandyПре 5 сати

    And yes ik its donald duck and not just *duck*

  23. Marlene Diaz

    Marlene DiazПре 6 сати

    After being grounded for 2 months meme time made me cry btw this is not my act i had to take the phone my brother was using jack i love you u make me happy

  24. Kaelyn Bruce

    Kaelyn BruceПре 6 сати

    So we not about to talk about the “Y’all mind if I simp on my Queen real quick” ?!?👑😩

  25. bananabob22

    bananabob22Пре 6 сати

    7:18 That would be me.

  26. Sheik S

    Sheik SПре 6 сати

    Welcome back

  27. Hexstatix Gaming

    Hexstatix GamingПре 6 сати

    15:01 you dissing Elfen lied?! You starting a war?!

  28. Hexstatix Gaming

    Hexstatix GamingПре 6 сати

    Make a fanart competition in the subreddit. 100 winners. 100 little frames on the banner with the fanart and the grand winner biggest of them all in the center

  29. Robyn Levine

    Robyn LevineПре 6 сати

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Just like the shamrock shake. You are. The shamrock. Shake.

  30. BaconIsGood

    BaconIsGoodПре 6 сати

    I love you keep up the content 💯 welcome back

  31. misolou fout

    misolou foutПре 7 сати

    Me: drinking water Jack: "-and not some kind of joke logo too" stretch's face Me: Snorts water up my nose then spitts it all over the couch

  32. misolou fout

    misolou foutПре 7 сати

    Y'know, need DanTDM and Jack do a MINECRAFT series together! Petition for them to make that series!

  33. Zeppy Game

    Zeppy GameПре 7 сати

    So glad you're back Seán!

  34. The Irish Gadsden

    The Irish GadsdenПре 7 сати

    When I was skipping a few times, the first thing I heard was "German Hentai" WTF.

  35. Kacper Lyson

    Kacper LysonПре 8 сати

    Why did he go from memes to alien tentacle in my ass

  36. AtomBomb Games

    AtomBomb GamesПре 8 сати

    The man, myth, and legend... Except he isnt really a myth, but the other 2 stand! (BTW me in ye olde quarantine club is not a big buff boi, I am a flabby mess of jiggles, although I WISH I was that buff lol)

  37. AbsoluteScotsman

    AbsoluteScotsmanПре 8 сати


  38. Candace Clark

    Candace ClarkПре 8 сати

    Jack your birthday is right after mine

  39. Kaden Long

    Kaden LongПре 8 сати

    To change Sean's banner he should do a art contest

  40. Grovnar Gaming

    Grovnar GamingПре 8 сати

    Nothing keeps an Irish man down for too long not even the biggest scumbag trolls on the internet also dont worry coryxkenshin left for 9 months all his fans where still going strong when he returned everyone needs some time for mental health

  41. Nathan Smith

    Nathan SmithПре 8 сати

    I had one in america and they put me to sleep for my colonoscopy Im sorry u had to stay awake

  42. Benjmain Workman

    Benjmain WorkmanПре 8 сати

    Jack should start a separate series called jacksepticeyes unfunniest home videos where he reacts to the less funny videos and the random ones with no theme

  43. Nathan Smith

    Nathan SmithПре 9 сати

    If your 40% of the people that isn't subscribed......subscribe 😑

  44. John Shoemaker

    John ShoemakerПре 9 сати

    I am so happy that you are back! I had one before i was asleep when it happened! And found out i have gard! My stomach is always bleeding!

  45. Amelia Terry

    Amelia TerryПре 9 сати

    I respect the Irish Gladiator for being awake during the colonoscopy. Here in the U.S. they sedate you. Thank goodness, because I could not do what Jack did. Nope nada. Although, I get stomach problems.

  46. lupe Gallegos

    lupe GallegosПре 9 сати

    I have a friend who always wear shorts no matter how cold it is.

  47. Samuel

    SamuelПре 9 сати

    Gaelic Gladiator!!

  48. Dominik Clark

    Dominik ClarkПре 9 сати

    it's nice to see happy jack again

  49. GhostLordRetro

    GhostLordRetroПре 9 сати

    Y'know, need DanTDM and Jack do a MINECRAFT series together! Petition for them to make that series!

  50. Mr. Mystery

    Mr. MysteryПре 10 сати

    When the nostalgic fireplace background and fancy music with the Fancy writing popped up I got so excited

  51. Mr. Mystery

    Mr. MysteryПре 10 сати

    I sometimes think back to when I was younger and didn't swear...and I gotta say idk how the fuck I made it to 15 without swearing

  52. Dainty AJ

    Dainty AJПре 10 сати


  53. Jason Sifer

    Jason SiferПре 10 сати

    Fuck. if 40% of your viewers arnt subscribed... That means roughly 46 million people that watch you jack...... Let that sink in.

  54. Torchie

    TorchieПре 10 сати

    German hentai? Oh nein

  55. Jesteroo

    JesterooПре 10 сати

    The Strong Gaelic Gladiator is back yo bless us with memes

  56. Vib3z Ascend

    Vib3z AscendПре 11 сати

    Funniest I me videos sports edition

  57. Gacha_demons

    Gacha_demonsПре 11 сати

    Role the red carpet. Sound the trumpets. And get happy wheels on the pc. AND CURE ALL SADNESS!

  58. Kit the Mystical

    Kit the MysticalПре 11 сати

    Happy belated birthday!

  59. Lynsey Lumsden

    Lynsey LumsdenПре 11 сати

    Xbox is the better then ps4

  60. Silent00

    Silent00Пре 11 сати

    Jack: Fools! My defeat only makes me grow stronger than ever!


    SAMMY WHAMMYПре 11 сати

    Me: checking if im subscribed also me: looking for another subscribe button AND WELCOME BACK YOU SEXY IRISHMAN!

  62. Kit the Mystical

    Kit the MysticalПре 11 сати

    I know I'm late (I'm sorry) but I'm so glad you're back and are feeling better :)

  63. Djay B

    Djay BПре 11 сати

    You always brighten up my day...good to see you again!

  64. Carla Torres

    Carla TorresПре 11 сати

    JACK'S BACK!!!!!!

  65. Death By Demon's

    Death By Demon'sПре 12 сати

    When Seán said that someone would will make funny meme of his dad passed away I thought of looking for them

  66. sharkloser 21

    sharkloser 21Пре 12 сати

    i don't like the logo i love it and you too jack

  67. Death By Demon's

    Death By Demon'sПре 12 сати

    When Jack announced his dad passed away I had a very strong feeling spend a whole months with my dad

  68. Carly Norwood

    Carly NorwoodПре 12 сати

    I'm sorry for your lost sean. Your dad is up above and is very proud of you. May you have a blessed day

  69. Generic Scottish Channel

    Generic Scottish ChannelПре 12 сати

    when the fuck did sean get a cat

  70. Jonathan Winters

    Jonathan WintersПре 12 сати


  71. Luna Bishop

    Luna BishopПре 12 сати

    We've missed you Séan, welcome back, my most favourite RSclubr!!!!

  72. Luna Bishop

    Luna BishopПре 12 сати

    9:01 🖑 + 🕇 = ⛪

  73. Luna Bishop

    Luna BishopПре 12 сати

    Bro I am actually, part Irish!!!! WHAT'S UP LADS!!!! POTATOS

  74. Cpnmor Hdhd

    Cpnmor HdhdПре 12 сати

    This is literally 30mins of jack being wholesome.

  75. Adam Bilbao

    Adam BilbaoПре 13 сати

    7:40 is jack calling out pewds (i say this with much unseriousness)

  76. schwaffle

    schwaffleПре 13 сати

    I like how he says blow everyone's mind on twitter as if it is hard to do so, if their brains were made of tnt they woudnt have enough to blow their nose

  77. Jakk C

    Jakk CПре 13 сати

    Shits & Giggles & Fun But with important and meaningful discussions That’s you Happy you’re back and feeling better

  78. Kirokire

    KirokireПре 14 сати

    "You're inside me and I didn't feel that" that's what she said, am I right fellas?😥

  79. Isaac TRC

    Isaac TRCПре 14 сати

    8:05 Yes. You definitely use air conditioning to heat up your house...

  80. Elksin_93

    Elksin_93Пре 15 сати

    What the back ground music playing at 20:35?

  81. fasdr

    fasdrПре 15 сати

    didn't know you're as old as me (01.01) 31y.o. :D

  82. serdy ximi

    serdy ximiПре 15 сати

    “I don’t even know what a RSclub IS” Neither do we anymore, neither do we.

  83. Leona Zwick

    Leona ZwickПре 16 сати

    Hi sean! i just want you to know that im so happy you are doin alright. and i want you to know that your videos always seem to put such a smile on my face. and i want to thank you for that. ive been going through some really tough times and have been in a dark place. but whenever i watch your videos you make my whole day so much brighter. and fill me with joy. i really wish i could meet you, but obviously covid and everything else. but i hope you see this and if you do. i love you. and thank you for always making me smile and helping me through these times. edit**this was also posted on my birthday LMAO

  84. Leona Zwick

    Leona ZwickПре 15 сати

    @serdy ximi HUH LMAO

  85. serdy ximi

    serdy ximiПре 15 сати

    If a million-dollar company is willing to refresh its logo, then I think a youtube can too.

  86. OffDuty Hoers

    OffDuty HoersПре 16 сати

    Wish you all the best Seán, you are a dear

  87. Ilann Morissette

    Ilann MorissetteПре 16 сати

    the toot after him saying he had a colonoscopy is unreasonably funny. perfect placement

  88. Intermezzo

    IntermezzoПре 16 сати

    16:35 Jokes on you, they removed my colon so I can't get a colonoscopy anymore! (I've had about 7 before though, I have colitis ulcerosa)

  89. Kaliburr X

    Kaliburr XПре 16 сати

    i think the channel banner should be a community thing, but instead of a contest, what if we did this: start on the subreddit with jack posting a blank white image with the banner dimensions, have someone start with a drawing or image, and keep going until its full. that's just my idea.

  90. Sorja Laasonen

    Sorja LaasonenПре 17 сати

    7:34 My friend comes to school in thights and a skirt. Oh and don't forget about the fact that it's like 30 degrees below zero.

  91. KinglyThrone35

    KinglyThrone35Пре 17 сати

    Aye chadsepticeye in this bitch💪🏾

  92. Sorja Laasonen

    Sorja LaasonenПре 17 сати

    "It's meme time!It's meme time"

  93. Sorja Laasonen

    Sorja LaasonenПре 17 сати

    I lost it on the "HE'S BACK"

  94. Eric Dee

    Eric DeeПре 17 сати

    The least you could do is your “top of the morning” greeting, ya feckin’ numpty! 🤣

  95. Godzilla 1954

    Godzilla 1954Пре 18 сати


  96. Godzilla 1954

    Godzilla 1954Пре 18 сати


  97. Godzilla 1954

    Godzilla 1954Пре 18 сати

    You know the iconic irish knight is

  98. Joseph Thorpeus

    Joseph ThorpeusПре 18 сати

    13:11 F A R T

  99. Dob bear

    Dob bearПре 18 сати

    For Jacks logo, just all ALL the reflections. There, I updated it for you, giff me monies.

  100. Dylan Dreisbach

    Dylan DreisbachПре 19 сати

    If a million-dollar company is willing to refresh its logo, then I think a youtube can too.

  101. Ally

    AllyПре 19 сати

    Jack we love you so much. One day at a time love. it's so hard to lose a parent and the first year is really rough. One shaky foot in front of the other. There will be sun again i promise. :-) Also can someone fill me in on the flag in the back? I'm wondering if it's related

  102. 3253642345 B

    3253642345 BПре 19 сати

    Covid will never end.

  103. Sheredyn carey

    Sheredyn careyПре 19 сати

    BB isn't Xbox or playstation, BB's a PC gamer!! :)

  104. MyNemWynx

    MyNemWynxПре 19 сати

    Kind of irrelevant but I had insomnia bc I was being paranoid one night. I played the meme time playlist as ambience and I fell right asleep bc I felt safe UWU

  105. The Cool Eevee

    The Cool EeveeПре 19 сати

    ...Honestly, I think we need a revival of JFHV as well.

  106. Lord Caustic

    Lord CausticПре 19 сати

    Jack: Sad Irish noises Everyone: What do we do? Me an intellectual: MEME TIME IS THE ONLY CURE FOR SADNESS!!

  107. Charles Donovan

    Charles DonovanПре 20 сати

    Gramma just died this morning. She's basically my mom. I'm happy to have you back now, Jack.

  108. asahdd

    asahddПре 20 сати

    Sean: I dont have energy for that OH GOD THE WORLD IS ENDING

  109. VoltaicDragon73

    VoltaicDragon73Пре 20 сати

    He said it, People on Twitter are lunatics. I have Twitter but idk why I haven't left. Every comment section is just filled with hate.