If We Hit $500,000 I Will Dye My Hair GREEN

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  1. jacksepticeye

    jacksepticeyeПре 2 месеца

    Thank you so much to EVERYONE involved in Thankmas! It was an amazing day

  2. No_Name

    No_NameПре 13 дана


  3. Yassin Zahran

    Yassin ZahranПре месец


  4. Lizzie Dean

    Lizzie DeanПре месец

    Idk how you do it Seán you’re truly amazing love you so mich

  5. deadpool 1234567890

    deadpool 1234567890Пре месец

    What do you mean

  6. Momo Games

    Momo GamesПре месец

    All the way jackaboy

  7. Emily Goodwin

    Emily GoodwinПре 2 дана

    She's so beautiful!! You two are cute together! 😍

  8. Spira

    SpiraПре 3 дана

    I’m watching this after Jaiden and Alpharad’s stream. It took them 10 hours to raise 150,000. It took Jack 40 minutes. That is incredible. I had so much fun watching both streams, I love how creators can come together to do some good

  9. Peek Chan

    Peek ChanПре 5 дана

    wait... blonde jack is so 😍😍😍

  10. Pro Troll

    Pro TrollПре 5 дана

    Cause you didn’t want that already right?

  11. Gavin Langlois

    Gavin LangloisПре 8 дана

    Dear god it’s the bell of eternal darkness

  12. KN - 06ML 815802 Fletchers Creek Sr PS

    KN - 06ML 815802 Fletchers Creek Sr PSПре 9 дана

    5:21:35 comment pop up

  13. shut up ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    shut up ʕ•ᴥ•ʔПре 9 дана

    did he ever actually do it?

  14. Andy T

    Andy TПре 10 дана


  15. kaarma senpai

    kaarma senpaiПре 10 дана

    These peopke donate more money that i have in my bank account

  16. MUI GØKU

    MUI GØKUПре 11 дана

    What's the timestamp for Cory's dono?

  17. Staffsargeant 82

    Staffsargeant 82Пре 11 дана

    52:43 Coryxkenshin donated to jacksepticeye

  18. Just A Viewer

    Just A ViewerПре 11 дана

    52:42. Just my personal time stamp.

  19. THLDraco

    THLDracoПре 13 дана

    Yooo Coryxkenshin.

  20. Instinctz

    InstinctzПре 14 дана

    Dude I wish I was that freaking popular to get 4 million dollars in 10 hours.

  21. socks

    socksПре 14 дана

    2.2k dislikes I hate the people who dislike these, they have nothing to love, they go and say "WOW CHARITY? I CANT DO THAT, THATS DISGUSTING" they clearly dont like charity at all, they suck as people

  22. Igor Kragulj

    Igor KraguljПре 15 дана


  23. wbgblue3

    wbgblue3Пре 15 дана

    52:40 if you wanna see Cory's dono

  24. Keith Boston

    Keith BostonПре 16 дана


  25. Delani Corneissen

    Delani CorneissenПре 16 дана

    3:12:52 is legit me and my gf just starting to scream memesongs at eachother

  26. Sten K6iv

    Sten K6ivПре 17 дана

    52:41 CORY!!!

  27. XEnvyX

    XEnvyXПре 20 дана

    Who came here cause they saw Cory donating to jack vid

  28. Neo Brown

    Neo BrownПре 21 дан

    People talking about Pewds’ donation so is no one here a Samurai?

  29. akiah soulace

    akiah soulaceПре 19 дана

    i only clicked to try and find the shogun himselfs donation :/

  30. keaton 1246

    keaton 1246Пре 23 дана

    what is the time stamp for when Cory donates??

  31. can you stake my heart?

    can you stake my heart?Пре 22 дана


  32. YourFriendlyNeighborDJ

    YourFriendlyNeighborDJПре 23 дана


  33. DIO Brando

    DIO BrandoПре 23 дана

    Finally. I was looking for this.

  34. indoraptor 1038

    indoraptor 1038Пре 25 дана

    Coryxkenshin and Jacksepticeye are bestfriends

  35. Cassidy Johns

    Cassidy JohnsПре 28 дана

    5:25 thank me later

  36. Sarah Spelman

    Sarah SpelmanПре 29 дана

    Your life changing

  37. Sarah Spelman

    Sarah SpelmanПре 29 дана


  38. Rohnda Allen

    Rohnda AllenПре 29 дана

    i the great papyrus will stop you

  39. Rohnda Allen

    Rohnda AllenПре 29 дана


  40. Jakey Cakey

    Jakey CakeyПре месец

    jack got fricking another 500k whilst on with the CEO person and he didn't even notice

  41. Xiller

    XillerПре месец

    Cory returned the favor

  42. Cloaked

    CloakedПре месец

    Jack im leaving im stepping into adulthood thank you for being in my childhood

  43. Ryan's Vlogs and Gaming

    Ryan's Vlogs and GamingПре месец

    6:01:14 for anyone who was looking for the part where Mr Sweden donated ur welcome

  44. RedRuby Plays

    RedRuby PlaysПре месец

    He looks like a K-pop guy in the thumbnail

  45. FNAF Clan

    FNAF ClanПре месец

    :O jack has a cat! :D

  46. FNAF Clan

    FNAF ClanПре месец

    i hope 2016 is back!

  47. FNAF Clan

    FNAF ClanПре месец

    dam that setup...

  48. Stuck In 2020

    Stuck In 2020Пре месец

    I am so happy to have been a part of this

  49. Kyushu

    KyushuПре месец

    I feel bad for Jack, the person who faked a 500k donation did a such heartless thing

  50. Brewed Tea

    Brewed TeaПре 9 дана

    @e Yeah that's what I was thinking. But wtf?! Someone faked it 3 times... There are so much sh*t heads these days...

  51. e

    eПре 9 дана

    @Brewed Tea What happened was someone was able to fool the system into thinking they donated 500k dollars 3 times in a row. It showed up as an anonymous person and everyone was so happy until we realised that all of them were fake.

  52. Brewed Tea

    Brewed TeaПре 20 дана

    @Roblox Noob I haven't seen this part, but I guess they're saying that some random person acted like the donated 500 thousand dollars but it was fake.

  53. Roblox Noob

    Roblox NoobПре 22 дана

    what happened?

  54. Rabid_ Monster24.2

    Rabid_ Monster24.2Пре месец

    I'm not saying I would simp for Gabby but $1000 could be gone from my bank account tommorow and they wouldn't know why.

  55. Natalie

    NatalieПре месец

    Jesus I can barely afford to pay $80 for food for my family. How y'all getting 1,000? 😰

  56. Stuck In 2020

    Stuck In 2020Пре месец

    What's your living situation maybe I can give advice 🤷

  57. Brandonplaz games

    Brandonplaz gamesПре месец

    Oh he did it

  58. Brandonplaz games

    Brandonplaz gamesПре месец

    You got the hair green or no

  59. Amran Sandhu

    Amran SandhuПре месец

    2:53:59 no comment

  60. Geek Channel

    Geek ChannelПре месец


  61. Citrine Iris *ON BREAK*

    Citrine Iris *ON BREAK*Пре месец

    9 hours long I-

  62. Grace Schwensteiger

    Grace SchwensteigerПре месец

    6:19:58 lol

  63. Adam Verhoff

    Adam VerhoffПре месец

    But green isn't nothing to you.. you had it before... how about a different color! lol

  64. Mr. Mad at you

    Mr. Mad at youПре месец

    Hi Seán.

  65. Felicia H.

    Felicia H.Пре месец

    Lol evelyn is amazing she really must care about jack and what he does for charities and stuff cuz she just donates twice xD i also wish i didn't miss the stream i would have been able to donate this time since I've been working! Im sad i didn't get the notification! :/

  66. KLOOZ

    KLOOZПре месец


  67. Ramblin Red Girlie

    Ramblin Red GirlieПре месец

    Haha jack I'm poor TuT

  68. XNJFX

    XNJFXПре месец

    Nobody: Me looking at the thumbnail: IS THAT MAXIMILIAN DOOD!?!?

  69. DarkDepression

    DarkDepressionПре месец


  70. Margred Prince

    Margred PrinceПре месец

    At 5:21:37

  71. Kamron Reimer

    Kamron ReimerПре месец

    sorry i missed the stream :(

  72. Qadi

    QadiПре месец

    Why there bare people saying Jack's 200k donation was fake in the chat but then they expect people like him to give that much away it don't don't sense tf🤣 because when he does give alot of money everyone thinks it's fake tf

  73. Gabriel Wills

    Gabriel WillsПре месец


  74. mihajlo milosevic

    mihajlo milosevicПре месец

    7:26:14 3:12:54

  75. Luis Games

    Luis GamesПре месец

    Depression hi Jacksepticeye absolutely not

  76. clohessy house account

    clohessy house accountПре месец


  77. Theuselessmedkit

    TheuselessmedkitПре месец

    5:08:14 I just want to say that the person that said "HE DONATED FIVE MILLION DOLLARS!" was me -__-. I am also the among us austronaut that is named medkit so i am very happy that i am in the video now forever and ever. Btw i said thaught that it was five Mil because the extra zeros indicating the decimal. Yes i am aware that a 5 mil has 6 zeros in it i promsie :)

  78. Mr12Relic

    Mr12RelicПре месец


  79. Master Kairi

    Master KairiПре месец

    Everyone talks about corpses voice but sykunno sounds like Tom Cruise imo

  80. Rayhan Fikri

    Rayhan FikriПре месец

    Bruh the thumbnail looks like XQC on drugs or somethin' like that 😂

  81. RAT bOI

    RAT bOIПре месец

    Who would dislike this though >:/

  82. dream

    dreamПре месец

    No more swear

  83. dream

    dreamПре месец


  84. bangtans cheese tostie

    bangtans cheese tostieПре месец

    3:38:00 drumroll plz ddddddddddddddddd tada Me: jungshook

  85. Jaguar Raves

    Jaguar RavesПре месец

    If YOU LOVE And or Like jacksepticeye Then SUBSCRIBE NOW!!! Do it! And also hit That Notifications on ALL and HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON NOW!!! Also Share it with Others Let’s all Help jacksepticeye OUT!! LEZZZ GOO!!!

  86. d3ad_body

    d3ad_bodyПре месец

    fake dono 3:41:36 second one 3:51:05 third one 4:02:16

  87. Ree Ree

    Ree ReeПре месец

    6:22:50 Corpse: It was at this moment he knew he messed up ..

  88. MajinSawdust64

    MajinSawdust64Пре месец

    XMondo has the best dye tbh and Arctic Fox is good too

  89. Lee Arnott

    Lee ArnottПре месец

    3:41:49 the person who faked this is a literal scumbag

  90. Raghav Agarwal

    Raghav AgarwalПре месец

    Ik r



    you all welcome guess all friends

  92. The Righteous Mallard

    The Righteous MallardПре месец

    I just watched almost an hour of this on 0.75 speed without realising 😂😂

  93. castillo elsy

    castillo elsyПре месец

    Guys like the videos

  94. Mitchell Knudsen

    Mitchell KnudsenПре месец

    jack im such a big fan



    anytime guys and ladies

  96. Mariana P

    Mariana PПре месец

    I really like Frank Sinatra's Christmas songs as well!!!

  97. sarthak mehta

    sarthak mehtaПре месец

    Jack should come in best couple in youtube by miniminter banger

  98. uwu uwu

    uwu uwuПре месец

    3:04:18 garbage boy man

  99. Maverick

    MaverickПре месец

    9:24:20 so those $500,000k donations were real?!

  100. Stuck In 2020

    Stuck In 2020Пре месец


  101. Roman14

    Roman14Пре месец

    10 hours stream? Jack ?

  102. Erikaahh_Mae

    Erikaahh_MaeПре месец

    Omg i finally found my name from when i donated!! 💋

  103. Anna Smith

    Anna SmithПре месец

    I just love how people are like MORE GREeeeeNER GREEEN JACK there like TtttrrrrrrIiiiGggggEeeeRrrrdddd GREEN

  104. theeaterofbibles

    theeaterofbiblesПре месец

    Blood-borne on his monitor ? If is cool 🙃

  105. BasementDude

    BasementDudeПре месец

    The ends of his hair looks like Heath Ledger's Joker

  106. Jesus Hansen

    Jesus HansenПре месец

    The only one disliking must be the Australians. But they are probably confused why so many disliked🧐

  107. Soap

    SoapПре месец

    @Jesus Hansen not really lol

  108. Jesus Hansen

    Jesus HansenПре месец

    @Soap understandable. I’m from Sweden. Know any good Sweden jokes?

  109. Soap

    SoapПре месец

    @Jesus Hansen i know its a joke its just i see so many "haha upside down australia haha" jokes/memes its just not funny after a while. I know it's just a comment but still.

  110. Jesus Hansen

    Jesus HansenПре месец

    @Soap it’s a joke :) I know you guys are not upside down. I’m not stupid

  111. Soap

    SoapПре месец

    im australian this isn't funny. good effort tho

  112. towelie

    towelieПре месец

    4 mil

  113. Amber Murphy

    Amber MurphyПре месец

    Jack is just, so pure. We have to keep him safe guys :(

  114. Amenda Martinez

    Amenda MartinezПре месец

    I wonder what kind of assholes dislike videos like these

  115. EthHu

    EthHuПре месец

    Big pig

  116. The Righteous Mallard

    The Righteous MallardПре месец

    Your setup is too nice Tell me your secrets magic man

  117. Vay P

    Vay PПре месец

    ITS 2021

  118. Emma Fitzpatrick

    Emma FitzpatrickПре месец

    Your green again! 😍😍😍 It's cool

  119. Emma Fitzpatrick

    Emma FitzpatrickПре месец

    1 st thing how is your hair blonde

  120. Rama Fahrezi

    Rama FahreziПре месец

    4:47:27 Dont mind me, just time stamp for myself