Nostalgia week is back baby! Starting with one of the best series on the channel, Undertale.
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  1. jacksepticeye

    jacksepticeyeПре 2 месеца

    Pee Break?

  2. Rhys Callinan

    Rhys CallinanПре 21 дан

    Just came here to say I'm sorry about your loss. I lost my dad over a decade ago and it still hurts. Please take as much time as you need.

  3. PayStation4Pro

    PayStation4ProПре 23 дана

    No, this is new preak



    No, this is PATRICK

  5. PayStation4Pro

    PayStation4ProПре 29 дана

    @Jackson Ham it sure does

  6. Jackson Ham

    Jackson HamПре 29 дана

    Hoo boy, this brings back memories

  7. hi im scar

    hi im scarПре 3 сата

    i was in a really dark time in my life, then i ran across this video- and it reintroduced me into undertale. undertale is honestly one of the biggest comforts for me and i’m glad i got into it again- because it helped me get out of that dark spot. thank you:)

  8. Thora Hybrid

    Thora HybridПре дан

    I'm pretty sure 10 of those views on the first undertale episode is are from me.... I love your undertale series Sean

  9. Dan Fratus

    Dan FratusПре дан

    god damn it! I didn’t know there was another way to get past Toriel! I KILLED HER. I’M A MONSTER! Edit: this RSclub account is my fathers. He does not play Undertale but I do.

  10. JustABadEditor

    JustABadEditorПре дан

    Jack: Intro like the old times! Everyone: :D he did it 👏👏👏👏👏 Jack: *OLD OUTRO* Everyone: *Everyone.exe Has Died From The Good Memories*

  11. Ezequiel Perez

    Ezequiel PerezПре дан


  12. Pixeldonkey95-II

    Pixeldonkey95-IIПре дан


  13. Not Cool

    Not CoolПре дан

    Pee break put such a smile on my face :)

  14. Lar Chan

    Lar ChanПре 2 дана

    Talk about memories Jack: "If you haven't played Undertale..." *sips drink* "Th-f*** is wrong with you?" XD Omg the pee break xD

  15. Jakylah Hayes

    Jakylah HayesПре 2 дана

    ur the best at undertale voices

  16. Jakylah Hayes

    Jakylah HayesПре 2 дана

    UR REALLY GOOD AT VOICE ACTING i watch undertale but the voice is never the same :( only ur undertale voice is the best

  17. JellyCORE

    JellyCOREПре 2 дана


  18. jxy quxn

    jxy quxnПре 2 дана

    Bro, jack is the reason I like undertale tbh

  19. David J Kim

    David J KimПре 2 дана

    The awesome catamaran understandably approve because playroom recently rub versus a jobless hat. clumsy, didactic puppy

  20. I don't have a name I never had a name

    I don't have a name I never had a nameПре 3 дана

    After all this time he can still do the best flowey voice

  21. NeoN KnighT

    NeoN KnighTПре 4 дана

    This was hilarious seeing the pee break again

  22. decaffinated hearts

    decaffinated heartsПре 4 дана

    i saw a comment on a video saying that someone thought there should be a game or mod or something of the sort where you stay with toriel

  23. Gizmo

    GizmoПре 4 дана

    His Toriel voice sounds like Galadriel form Lord of the Rings

  24. Thabiso Maditla

    Thabiso MaditlaПре 4 дана

    Flowey sounds like Lancer

  25. Trevor Begley

    Trevor BegleyПре 4 дана

    bruh ho did not play Undertale none

  26. teletubby queen

    teletubby queenПре 3 дана

    Im a teletubby, and that English is broken, even to me.

  27. Just your average animator

    Just your average animatorПре 5 дана

    Mmm hermitcraft ref?

  28. random gamer e

    random gamer eПре 5 дана

    The memories

  29. OA76 67AO

    OA76 67AOПре 5 дана


  30. Louie Lucero

    Louie LuceroПре 6 дана

    Very nostalgic bing watching undertale series under blankets in the winter

  31. Celasrete

    CelasreteПре 6 дана

    Yeah, youre right with it, when you said, that most viewer want to see the "right" way. I think i didnt find even one blind LP with genocide first to get the different endscene in the good run. that would be interesting to see from someone who is really interested in the story. There were a lot streamer/YT who played it just for the views and didnt even understand the obvious stuff.

  32. Skylos1312

    Skylos1312Пре 7 дана

    British Toriel

  33. Eijiro Kirishima

    Eijiro KirishimaПре 7 дана

    I missed this, so glad I came back to watch again 😭

  34. shadow games

    shadow gamesПре 7 дана

    It has been a freaking while since I've seen you

  35. Natanich

    NatanichПре 7 дана

    I miss soooo much of your old gimmics and style bro, Nostalgia is really a hard part of me, and I hate to be that one guy who would say "old times best times" but I just can't help it :(

  36. JavaJacket

    JavaJacketПре 7 дана


  37. Tsotsi._

    Tsotsi._Пре 8 дана

    Doki doki literature club?

  38. Yoselin Serrano-Lopez

    Yoselin Serrano-LopezПре 8 дана

    Sans voice is slowed down toxic waste

  39. soul searcher

    soul searcherПре 8 дана

    Does anyone want to tell him about the switch version and all it has

  40. Фатима Сухбатилла

    Фатима СухбатиллаПре 9 дана

    Nostalgia 😊

  41. ChannelUserName166

    ChannelUserName166Пре 9 дана

    Jack your dogamy voice sounds like sniper from tf2

  42. RGL's old basement

    RGL's old basementПре 9 дана

    i think for a lot of people who had already watched Undertale playthroughs of all kinds, me included, playing it themselves would be pointless

  43. 09 Meme Craft

    09 Meme CraftПре 9 дана

    Oh my god the papyrus voice. Jeez i got a wave of happiness FUCK YEAH NOSTALGIA **2083** kid: sir whats undertale? me: i havent heard that name in years

  44. ImDragon

    ImDragonПре 9 дана


  45. Devils Deck Of Cards

    Devils Deck Of CardsПре 10 дана

    I have not played undertale, but that’s because I don’t have money XD watching ppl play it is fun

  46. Sophia Leonard

    Sophia LeonardПре 10 дана

    I just came back to check on jacks channel after not watching him for a good year. Just to re watch some of his old stuff and I see this video and I can’t stop smiling like an idiot. It’s nice to see that he hasn’t changed but grown as a person

  47. Jonath56 _gaming

    Jonath56 _gamingПре 11 дана

    U should play Disbelief Papyrus so that u can use ur papyrus impression even more.

  48. Kris with a K

    Kris with a KПре 11 дана

    I saw the Undertale series when I was SO anxious because I was starting uni and still didn't knew what I wanted to do I'm watching this about to finish my fashion design career and I am SO anxious because I need a job 😂

  49. Coco Doodles

    Coco DoodlesПре 12 дана


  50. 8888

    8888Пре 12 дана

    Flowey sounds like he hasn't been watered in months

  51. Dani Plays

    Dani PlaysПре 13 дана

    You know if you kill them all and the reset and be nice again you will get a secret ending

  52. Meme Junior

    Meme JuniorПре 13 дана

    Damn, he has really gotten better with voices over the years.

  53. Shannon Walls

    Shannon WallsПре 13 дана

    Undertale is truly one of my favourite series on the channel.

  54. Finalspartaner

    FinalspartanerПре 14 дана

    Hey Jack, please, I am begging you, check out the Game Omori. It's a game in the style of Undertale but with it's own style and way of telling a story of love, hate, tears of joy and sadness, and so so much more. And don't just take my word for it. Just wanted to rally that thing to you. I hope it reaches you. Thanks for you hard work over the years

  55. Padarachnid

    PadarachnidПре 14 дана

    The outro gave me shivers

  56. WK Sans

    WK SansПре 14 дана

    You are the king of Undertale 😂😂

  57. Nerdville Gamer

    Nerdville GamerПре 14 дана

    Just got finished rewatching undertale(for like the tenth time 😅) and other than that haven't watched Jack in a I see this. EcstATIC.

  58. Nathan Gandy

    Nathan GandyПре 14 дана

    Play undertale genocide root cuz it counts a different game cuz the story is different

  59. JesterFrog

    JesterFrogПре 15 дана

    I always sorta imagined sans with a Patrick voice but more chill. Less... exaggerated, yknow? To fit with his more lazy and chill demeanor.

  60. SudzyGamzz

    SudzyGamzzПре 16 дана

    I legit took the time to do the word search lol

  61. Nojiko444

    Nojiko444Пре 16 дана

    It's strange to see Undertale on this channel again...... bc the Undertale series was the reason why I started watching Jack and I'm not dissapointed xD Also I still love Undertale so much, even if I'm not too active in the fandom anymore. But thanks to that game I made many friends and even visited america for the first time for a small Undertale convention. Seeing my favourite RSclubr playing the game again that made a big, positive impact on my life.... that fills me with determination!

  62. Nathan Gandy

    Nathan GandyПре 14 дана

    Oh don't we love wholesome comments

  63. D3Nk1 K4m1N4Ri

    D3Nk1 K4m1N4RiПре 16 дана

    I just got to the pee break

  64. Super Fire 64 Gaming

    Super Fire 64 GamingПре 17 дана

    Jack: this game really is effected by your choices The one decision you get in the game:

  65. im so rak and energy

    im so rak and energyПре 17 дана

    i like how of course there are things he barely remembers, but there are also things he had the same reaction to despite it being 5 years ago..

  66. Random Weirdo

    Random WeirdoПре 17 дана

    My dream has come true 🥺

  67. Mr Ferret

    Mr FerretПре 17 дана

    Me: *Breathes soothingly* Me: I wish he could of finished the game in pacifist to make us all cry again...

  68. Andrés fin

    Andrés finПре 17 дана

    Omfg how did I not see this video. 😭 I loved undertale so damn much I still love it!!! This is the serotonin I needed.

  69. Winedrops901

    Winedrops901Пре 17 дана

    Im gonna rewatch the entire old play through thanks to this


    LIAM ANIMATESПре 18 дана

    I hope there will be a part 2 to this but something tells me he won’t

  71. Kenneth Apthorp

    Kenneth ApthorpПре 18 дана

    did you watch undertale the musical?

  72. Tatie

    TatieПре 16 дана

    Ahaha... Undertale the what 🌝

  73. eggy

    eggyПре 19 дана


  74. rooflessbear

    rooflessbearПре 19 дана

    times were much simpler back then.

  75. freckled cracker

    freckled crackerПре 19 дана

    Lest we forget Toby Fox was responsible for majority of the music in Homestuck.

  76. Toss Me an Arnie

    Toss Me an ArnieПре 20 дана

    The Patrick voice actually fits him very well because both Patrick and Sans are secret geniuses

  77. Kami_kaze

    Kami_kazeПре 20 дана


  78. Foxy and Freddy

    Foxy and FreddyПре 20 дана

    Welcome to the underground Jack!

  79. Alana DiPrete

    Alana DiPreteПре 20 дана

    aw watching this makes me feel like I'm hanging out with an old friend I never see anymore :))

  80. ÏTS__ HÂVËÑ

    ÏTS__ HÂVËÑПре 20 дана

    Playing pacifist ending first makes you love all the characters so when you do genocide ending you feel depressed

  81. ÏTS__ HÂVËÑ

    ÏTS__ HÂVËÑПре 20 дана

    Why does your Flowey voice sound kinda like lemon grab from adventure time

  82. PumpkinSpice

    PumpkinSpiceПре 20 дана

    “I’m so bad at remembering the names” He says, after correctly remembering a name

  83. ngsxr_

    ngsxr_Пре 20 дана

    undertale is my fav series, i remember watching those at 2017. really good memories.

  84. 『 Random Blueberror 』

    『 Random Blueberror 』Пре 21 дан

    I've done neutral and genocide but not passive

  85. Moon Hotel

    Moon HotelПре 21 дан

    7 ads. 6 in the first half of the video.

  86. kachi onyeka

    kachi onyekaПре 21 дан

    Omg the voice acting he does for the characters is so awesome! 🤩

  87. e gaming

    e gamingПре 21 дан

    Undertale came out at the same year as JoJo's Bizarre Adventure : Eyes of Heaven

  88. Jazzyfries

    JazzyfriesПре 21 дан

    I think you have the best papyrus voice and Dan from gamegrumps has the best Dan's voice

  89. XxThat1SquidxX :3

    XxThat1SquidxX :3Пре 21 дан

    This is random but: I think Jack should play Night in da WoOoOoOdS again XD It was one of my favourite series he did and I can't belive it's been so long. Mae the cat, Gregg the fox, Bea the crocodile and Angus the bear! His voices for the characters were beautiful

  90. Lys Franc

    Lys FrancПре 21 дан

    I hope Jack will play to Omori >

  91. MR_ Detective

    MR_ DetectiveПре 22 дана

    I like how you said NO to that flower at the beginning 🤣

  92. Christian

    ChristianПре 22 дана

    Man it isn’t the save game progress

  93. Charlie Tyler

    Charlie TylerПре 22 дана

    Comparing sans voice to Patrick star’s is making me compare all the characters to spongebob characters and it almost started freaking me out until I realised it was starting to become a little far fetched

  94. _desp4ir _

    _desp4ir _Пре 22 дана

    jack is irl papyrus

  95. Charlie Tyler

    Charlie TylerПре 22 дана

    I rewatched it and you didn’t run into them in the battle with Toriel unless you cut it out?

  96. Tess McDaniel

    Tess McDanielПре 23 дана

    If i made a dubbed Undertale, the voice actor for papyrus would be you

  97. Noah Mabrey-Roberson

    Noah Mabrey-RobersonПре 23 дана

    Jack, I really didn't think UNDERTALE was for me for years. everything I heard about it, frankly not much, didn't really seem like i'd like it. Then I found your let's play in Winter 2019. U MADE ME FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS SILLY, STUPID, AMAZING GAME! THIS IS THE BEST GAME I'VE EVER PLAYED! THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS WITH ME.

  98. Aoi P

    Aoi PПре 23 дана

    At 24:50 he asks where the third frog is... what i discovered in my play through is that if you kill one of the frogs in genocide run, no matter how many fresh saves you have, that frog is gone. Another great example of your actions having consequences

  99. Platinum Vulture

    Platinum VultureПре 24 дана


  100. Subhadeep Haldar

    Subhadeep HaldarПре 24 дана

    stop whispering

  101. Ernesto Ojeda

    Ernesto OjedaПре 24 дана

    Flowery is the Karen of the underground

  102. coolconorM

    coolconorMПре 24 дана

    Jack u have inspired me to make a game like undertale.This series is the best series I've ever watched on you tube I love ur voices and energy and I'm gonna try to turn that into a game thank you so much Jack for reminding me of ur old series so I can make this game.👍👍👍

  103. Ozzie Tapia

    Ozzie TapiaПре 24 дана


  104. Leah Unicorn

    Leah UnicornПре 24 дана

    Ep 2 🥺

  105. SilverSwan

    SilverSwanПре 24 дана

    😭😍 I love Toriel, all the hugs for goat mom!

  106. thepandagod 64

    thepandagod 64Пре 24 дана

    Did you know on when you play undertale on switch there is a new boss and it is only on switch and the name of the boss is mew mew

  107. Eliška_Technoblade for_LIFE

    Eliška_Technoblade for_LIFEПре 24 дана

    Now that i read a few comments,i know how nostalgic it could be to most of the people watching this,sadly, back then i didn't know what youtube was and also didn't speak english, but for some reason,it seems....nostalgic.... I don't know why,but i feels like i watched it once before....but,not that i know of it

  108. BanthaBread

    BanthaBreadПре 24 дана

    I'm really sorry for your loss cant imagine what your going through. Stay Strong Sean