Proximity chat is the best way to play Among Us
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  1. The BookWorm

    The BookWormПре сат

    The editing and cuts/ jump away jokes in this video are fire. For example at 5:08 where Jack yelled ‘ you just said you weren’t closing doors!’ At Toast, and then a second later the video cuts with a clever door visibly closing in our faces. It’s not only there for long, so it doesn’t take away the focus but it was there just enough to make me chuckle. Good job. 👍

  2. Diayla Bennett

    Diayla BennettПре дан

    jack-its so nice up here when everyone leaves Everyone else-BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH jack-ughhhhh everyone else-*leaves* jack-so now its so quiet i can hear myself scream Rae-AHHHHHHHHHHHHH Rae-*leaves* Jack-so as i was saying Rae-WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Jack-*goes to rae* jack-rae u would be dead if i was imposter

  3. Craig Turner Game

    Craig Turner GameПре 2 дана

    How do I get proximity chat?

  4. Blue Blade

    Blue BladeПре 3 дана

    I don't know who tinaaa is but she sounds like she's 9 years old.

  5. Sydney H.

    Sydney H.Пре 4 дана

    I wanna see jack play with Kryoz and Smii7y i think that would be hilarious😅

  6. Fast Ball

    Fast BallПре 4 дана

    Jack:I have never lied in my life ALL HIS FANS: HE NEVER LIES TO US His parents:And the biggest lie was told that day just took at his imposter videos

  7. Karina Sutton

    Karina SuttonПре 5 дана

    Jack 3:21 : that’s... interesting. Me: INteResTing (From twoset)

  8. sereen playz

    sereen playzПре 5 дана


  9. sereen playz

    sereen playzПре 5 дана

    Jack:I never lied in my life SEREENPLAYZ(me):you lied 1000000000000000 tames

  10. Chris Jeske

    Chris JeskeПре 5 дана

    Rae the race car! XD

  11. Mckinzi Brown

    Mckinzi BrownПре 6 дана


  12. Lászlo Deák

    Lászlo DeákПре 6 дана

    tinaaa: No I dIDn't ThiS iS a LieEEeE.

  13. skeleton

    skeletonПре 6 дана

    toast is no more

  14. E F

    E FПре 6 дана

    Why does it sound like a twilight romance movie at 1:07

  15. eve flan

    eve flanПре 5 дана


  16. Vexillious

    VexilliousПре 6 дана

    Tina is correct Maple Bacon donuts are the bomb

  17. Homo Sapien

    Homo SapienПре 7 дана

    This is basically edited like a twomad video lmfao

  18. Seán Mc00chie?

    Seán Mc00chie?Пре 7 дана

    5:41 I am.. spedicey :D

  19. a_lesbean

    a_lesbeanПре 8 дана

    15:19 anyone with kids

  20. Andrew Luurtsema

    Andrew LuurtsemaПре 8 дана


  21. Ana Seekings

    Ana SeekingsПре 9 дана

    15:25 I love Rae😂✋🏻

  22. Ana Seekings

    Ana SeekingsПре 9 дана

    Omg when Tina killed jack when he was messing with her- I literally died💀😭

  23. Ana Seekings

    Ana SeekingsПре 9 дана

    Corpse and jack low-key flirting- ✋🏻😂 I love it😂

  24. Ana Seekings

    Ana SeekingsПре 9 дана

    Sykkuno:I forgot to bark- ✋🏻😭

  25. Ashlyn Cooper

    Ashlyn CooperПре 9 дана

    guys i think sykkuno forgot to do his keys

  26. Karkas Smith

    Karkas SmithПре 9 дана

    Y'all watch Clone Wars and Rebels?

  27. awts gege

    awts gegeПре 10 дана

    11:55 Brooke just disappeared

  28. Dave Caiña

    Dave CaiñaПре 11 дана

    "A bark is a bark no matter how it sounds " -Sean

  29. Chaos Legend

    Chaos LegendПре 11 дана

    Poor Sykkuno

  30. asi

    asiПре 12 дана

    22:18 Jack: “Tina, weren’t you there in the beginning?” Tina: “Yeah, yeah, I was. I was like 🐶 🐶, you know?” Jack’s mind: “Makes sense to me.”

  31. asi

    asiПре 12 дана

    11:55 Brooke just casually walking through walls

  32. Danielle Thames

    Danielle ThamesПре 12 дана

    I miss doughnuts specifically maple bacon donuts and chocolate sprinkle donuts and malasadas and jelly-filled donuts

  33. Alex Trash

    Alex TrashПре 12 дана

    Jack: I AM DOING TRASH Me: *uncomfortable Trash noises*

  34. vendese

    vendeseПре 13 дана

    Am I the only one who got a fake mrbeast ad

  35. Jeremy Laryea

    Jeremy LaryeaПре 16 дана

    I like how they all circle sykuno when he didn't do keys

  36. Annie’s Drawings

    Annie’s DrawingsПре 18 дана

    CORPSE’s voice is so fucking sexy ✨🔥😍🤩

  37. Devan Shouse

    Devan ShouseПре 18 дана

    15:18-15:36 Jack: *trying to enjoy the peace* Rae: aaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa... Jack: Anyway... Rae: ooooooooOOOOOOOOOOoooooo...


    BOXMAN FILMSПре 18 дана

    Grogu is bebe yoda

  39. Lex Hardy

    Lex HardyПре 19 дана

    1:43 "COME ON TINA!!!!!" Best part of the vid right here

  40. Jen Webb

    Jen WebbПре 20 дана

    Jackaboy: I've never lie.... Me: Jack you just lied

  41. James Ware

    James WareПре 22 дана

    The prickly trapezoid logically rush because fisherman provisionally regret mid a lavish store. cool, icy protocol


    YU VIVIANПре 22 дана

    💮Jack: You said you were not closing doors!💮 💮Me: *Laughing*💮 💮Me: *Dying from laughing at the end of the video*

  43. Gage Roush

    Gage RoushПре 22 дана

    Maple Bacon Donuts are really good, you literally couldn't walk into a donut shop in new england without seeing one 😂

  44. Callan Simson

    Callan SimsonПре 23 дана

    As I am watching this I am playing shadow of the colossus.

  45. trixthesavage

    trixthesavageПре 23 дана

    25:20 anyone notice 1 side is all girls and the other side is all boys? 😂

  46. BanthaBread

    BanthaBreadПре 24 дана

    I'm really sorry for your loss cant imagine what your going through. Stay Strong Sean

  47. Courtney Roberson

    Courtney RobersonПре 25 дана

    They literally never believe the women in among us, it’s just like real life.

  48. I Have This Mug

    I Have This MugПре 25 дана

    I’d listen to this over a podcast any day

  49. narmale

    narmaleПре 26 дана

    tina is so cuuuute!!!

  50. Animation Nerd

    Animation NerdПре 26 дана


  51. Jasper Kelly

    Jasper KellyПре 26 дана

    0:01 "eH"

  52. Andy KnightWarden

    Andy KnightWardenПре 26 дана

    "Those are fightin' words."

  53. Minerva

    MinervaПре 26 дана

    Love how this lobby is chaotic😂

  54. Cam Holmes

    Cam HolmesПре 28 дана


  55. Caleb Flores

    Caleb FloresПре 29 дана

    I've only ever had one maple bacon donut but it wasn't a donut. They called it a long john. It was during a high school rifle tournament and I think it was the one where I won the championship so... Idk but they're actually pretty good and I hope I can find another one someday.

  56. • VI •

    • VI •Пре 29 дана

    “She kept saying ‘Grogu’ as she did it, I’m not sure what that means” smooth, real smooth lol

  57. fynn eden

    fynn edenПре 29 дана

    sykkuno getting shook over the barking continues to make me giggle

  58. Ωmëgá Wøłf

    Ωmëgá WøłfПре 29 дана

    I love how quiet everyone got when Sykkuno said, “you want me to vote to skip?”

  59. Parker Hayes

    Parker HayesПре месец

    I still need to ask, why do people like Corpse so much? His voice is so depressing that it sounds like he doesn't have any emotions

  60. Will Wailes

    Will WailesПре месец

    Imagine Corpse + sulfur hexafluoride.

  61. Lucinda Schooley

    Lucinda SchooleyПре месец

    where's the end to it i wanna know who died at the end

  62. David Gameplay

    David GameplayПре месец

    mandalorian ilegal down load me to

  63. Brennan White

    Brennan WhiteПре месец

    Is it just me or did Brooke just disappear at 11:55?

  64. TestSubject6

    TestSubject6Пре месец

    What if we pogchamped in Specimen?

  65. MissPanthER

    MissPanthERПре месец

    Love it 😀 I chime in with a haven't you people ever heard of...

  66. Hunter-hero-girl

    Hunter-hero-girlПре месец

    I love Jack, Syckkuno and CORPSE's relationship in Among Us XD

  67. RAA JIV

    RAA JIVПре месец


  68. Century

    CenturyПре месец

    who else missed when he plays FNaF?

  69. Wolffiee1223

    Wolffiee1223Пре месец

    Who else ships Corpse and Jack now? Lol cuz I know I do lmao

  70. Wolffiee1223

    Wolffiee1223Пре месец

    I love corpses laugh so wholesome give me the happy chills ☺️💖

  71. Rowdy Hines

    Rowdy HinesПре месец

    Does anyone know the reason he puts that picture in the bottom middle of the screen

  72. S A

    S AПре месец

    It’s to cover the lobby code when he’s streaming :)

  73. Madison To

    Madison ToПре месец

    WHy does jack look like a person who teaches yoga?!?!!??!?!?

  74. Isassin

    IsassinПре месец

    I'm so glad that he started to use this in every Among us video

  75. Tylique Williams

    Tylique WilliamsПре месец

    The glitch in his mic 😂😂😂 26:14

  76. GNX_Se3ker

    GNX_Se3kerПре месец

    This thumbnail is a perfect photo to describe what among us with Jack,Corpse and Sykkuno

  77. Austin Jencks

    Austin JencksПре месец

    Jack reminds me of a dad playing with his kids

  78. Angus Whitman

    Angus WhitmanПре месец

    Wait, I thought Pewds was ur best friend?

  79. Kaelynn K

    Kaelynn KПре месец

    I love how in a lot of people’s among us proximity chat videos there’s a lot of shaky cam because of all the screaming and chaos

  80. hollyjenniferpalmer

    hollyjenniferpalmerПре месец

    The chaotic energy in this video is *chefs kiss* 👌🏻

  81. OxYgen7812

    OxYgen7812Пре месец

    They should make a corpse alarm sound

  82. Mc creetus

    Mc creetusПре месец

    26:00 the DVD sign hit the corner

  83. Kate Carampot

    Kate CarampotПре месец

    tina: i walked in and i said hey john, ARF ARF amirite? and he’s like WOOF

  84. Kate Carampot

    Kate CarampotПре месец

    i’m so happy this group exists

  85. Llama Punch

    Llama PunchПре месец

    20:17 tf is that face

  86. Benjamin Atkinson

    Benjamin AtkinsonПре месец

    Go to 8:54 you'll see only the males on the Left while on the right it's Females only Also at 25:20

  87. Maggie McCauslin

    Maggie McCauslinПре месец

    Maple bacon dounts are actually GOOD af

  88. Devon Noble

    Devon NobleПре месец

    Did jack live stream this? If not why does he have to cover up the room code?

  89. Kate Carampot

    Kate CarampotПре месец

    yeah i’m pretty sure he did livestream this, most among us games are livestreamed

  90. CD0 7

    CD0 7Пре месец

    Ding ding ding ding top of morning

  91. CloudedArcTrooper[DTQ]

    CloudedArcTrooper[DTQ]Пре месец

    0:00 nice cat ears 0:01 *EH*

  92. Donovan Dizon

    Donovan DizonПре месец

    I am laughing a lot and I can’t stop too😆😆😆

  93. Jake DeMamiel

    Jake DeMamielПре месец

    Did they intentionally plan this among us game so there are five males and five females

  94. Megan MacGregor

    Megan MacGregorПре месец

    I don't know who Tina is, but I love her.

  95. Colton Vanover

    Colton VanoverПре месец

    0:32 I agree

  96. Ryan Dodd

    Ryan DoddПре месец

    sykkuno went super saiyan

  97. Ryan Dodd

    Ryan DoddПре месец

    that very funny type of sus

  98. Legend d monkey

    Legend d monkeyПре месец

    If ur seeing this when the dislikes are 888 then hello otherwise hi

  99. anx

    anxПре месец


  100. Zay

    ZayПре месец

    Corpse is a teddy bear

  101. Izzy _Memes

    Izzy _MemesПре месец

    I don't have to stress out *body gets reported* *SCREAMS*

  102. Pepe THE frog

    Pepe THE frogПре месец


  103. 「Alondra」

    「Alondra」Пре месец

    15:42 besties