Slapping People With Fish | Hitman 3

I must slap people with fish
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  1. TheGamingAngel

    TheGamingAngelПре дан

    Me: *starts video* Ad: *” T O X I C P O O”*

  2. Tyler Fordyce

    Tyler FordyceПре дан

    Anyone else miss “TOP OF THE MORNING TO YA LADDIES”

  3. Sasha Bashnya

    Sasha BashnyaПре дан

    That evil man looks like my one and only shit president Vladimir Putin and it freaks me out so much

  4. Joshua Evans

    Joshua EvansПре 2 дана

    Fish slap let’s go 😀😂🤣

  5. HyPE LT

    HyPE LTПре 2 дана

    Hitman is my favourite jacksepticeye series

  6. Uniformape

    UniformapeПре 3 дана

    The man of many names the screwdriver the muffin man and the fish slapper

  7. The First Gamer

    The First GamerПре 3 дана

    “*FISH SLAPPER*” jacksepticeye 2021

  8. Smol_Galaxy

    Smol_GalaxyПре 3 дана

    Jack your british accent sounds like ghost.

  9. TheArtOfWar12

    TheArtOfWar12Пре 4 дана

    His name is somanyissues

  10. Edergabriel08

    Edergabriel08Пре 4 дана

    6:15 how's it going? How's it hanging? Did you miss me baby?

  11. Lukas Reimer

    Lukas ReimerПре 4 дана


  12. Alicia Almanzar

    Alicia AlmanzarПре 4 дана

    You are a pro hit man jacksepticeye . “Fish slapper” 🐟

  13. Silas Colombo

    Silas ColomboПре 4 дана

    I need to take out him now, I have a good method of doing so, and its called... FISH SLAP!

  14. M1L0RD3R

    M1L0RD3RПре 4 дана

    3:41 that forehead doe

  15. King Raid

    King RaidПре 4 дана

    any safisticated music is Mozart for sean

  16. Cupface

    CupfaceПре 5 дана

    Hey jack you should do a hollow knight play through, I think u would really enjoy it and it’s a challenging game so you wouldn’t finish very quickly (lots of videos)

  17. Sri Ram

    Sri RamПре 5 дана

    bro waiting for part 3 ... hit more men plz :D

  18. ASMR Kaos

    ASMR KaosПре 5 дана

    My guy said balled lock homes lol

  19. Nathan Hunter

    Nathan HunterПре 5 дана

    You were in top form on this one man. I needed some good belly laughs, thanks.

  20. Dontevenknow anymore

    Dontevenknow anymoreПре 5 дана

    I think I would just want to listen to everyone's conversations in hitman

  21. William Wagner

    William WagnerПре 5 дана

    It’s funny cause the Irish have a big rivalry with the British.😜

  22. Zach O'Sullivan

    Zach O'SullivanПре 5 дана

    Jack:Do you think I could kill both *Pulls out pistol*

  23. Jonah Smiler

    Jonah SmilerПре 5 дана

    I'm sorry about you dad Jack you do what you need to do. I hope you get through this and still be in one piece. We love you Jack stay strong.

  24. Adah

    AdahПре 6 дана


  25. Hooman Boi

    Hooman BoiПре 6 дана

    Fish ? Fish.

  26. Nitro_boy495

    Nitro_boy495Пре 6 дана

    Not tryna grab but I live on Dartmoor okehampton

  27. Bean Machine

    Bean MachineПре 6 дана

    O my mistake

  28. Bean Machine

    Bean MachineПре 6 дана


  29. Drawin Editin

    Drawin EditinПре 6 дана

    Jack: I am British Also Jack: *Time to pull out the Australian accent*

  30. A Dude

    A DudeПре 2 дана

    why do ppl delete their comments

  31. A Dude

    A DudeПре 3 дана

    @Mr. Moose IT IS ENGLAND

  32. A Dude

    A DudeПре 4 дана

    @Mr. Moose It is England. And that is not a Scottish accent. It is Australian

  33. A Dude

    A DudeПре 4 дана

    @Mr. Moose that is not scottish

  34. Jack Gray

    Jack GrayПре 6 дана

    Happy belated birthday Seán. Hope you had a great day

  35. Thomas TURNER

    Thomas TURNERПре 6 дана

    Im sorry about your dad jack but im glad that his son is a legend

  36. Gianni Rodriguez

    Gianni RodriguezПре 7 дана

    Jack play Control

  37. Sleepiest Kat

    Sleepiest KatПре 7 дана

    the mission is called death in the family, as in, Batman: death in the family.

  38. Madaber 08

    Madaber 08Пре 7 дана

    I don’t know if a lot of you get this but RIP lil pink boy

  39. devvinn gonzaless

    devvinn gonzalessПре 7 дана

    Bro. He just complained about the kills not being super exciting when he literally went around and fish slapped everyone. THE KILLS WERE AMAZING

  40. haha man

    haha manПре 7 дана

    Hitman 3 from 3 weeks ago

  41. Zizo Channel

    Zizo ChannelПре 7 дана


  42. _lilryberg_

    _lilryberg_Пре 7 дана

    Before jack was happy until his dad died now it’s gonna be pain he is going to be missed we love u papa jack🥺😩

  43. Poulette Solano

    Poulette SolanoПре 7 дана

    Good to know that I don't need a 🔫 to be a hitman. Nothing more effective than a good fish. 💚🤭

  44. Kode_X

    Kode_XПре 7 дана

    Dude that fish looked like a DICK xD

  45. Jayden Keizer

    Jayden KeizerПре 7 дана

    Hey jack you should play mortal Kombat 11 it’s awesome

  46. tzontzonos

    tzontzonosПре 7 дана

    No one: - Literally no one: - Jacksepticeye:(He is able to kill all sources of life in the map, but he is scared of people who are suspicious of him.)

  47. A Dude

    A DudeПре 3 дана

    this is me

  48. frithis lord

    frithis lordПре 7 дана

    John Wick killed with a pencil. Jack killed with a fish. 🐟

  49. HispanicWeedwacker Aries

    HispanicWeedwacker AriesПре 7 дана

    why where a helmet when you can become bald, ride your bike, and have ice caps for a helmet

  50. Sean Gabriel Estrera

    Sean Gabriel EstreraПре 7 дана

    TF2: *First time?*

  51. cankii

    cankiiПре 7 дана

    The 4 legendary words that will be stuck in my head - fish slap no witnesses

  52. Gayatri Kayastha

    Gayatri KayasthaПре 7 дана

    Play final fantasy 7 remake

  53. duck

    duckПре 7 дана


  54. GamerTech#8752

    GamerTech#8752Пре 8 дана

    Potato blight

  55. Mohammad Maaz

    Mohammad MaazПре 8 дана

    F I S H

  56. Kingdoge

    KingdogeПре 8 дана

    Yo Jack did you know that there's a happy wheels show? I don't what you can watch it on but it's a thing!

  57. William Bridges

    William BridgesПре 8 дана

    You really need to make a t-shirt that has Agent47 with Sam as his head, with the words, "Fish slap, Dirt Nap, NO WITNESSES"

  58. ItchyHorizon226

    ItchyHorizon226Пре 8 дана

    Sean you need to play katana zero I feel like you would love the game

  59. kylorexxy

    kylorexxyПре 8 дана

    I am going to say 1 word that will bring so much nostalgia "SUBNATICA'

  60. daniel paiva

    daniel paivaПре 8 дана

    Hitman 3 is kinda strange

  61. Sean Molloy

    Sean MolloyПре 8 дана

    Is Minecraft coming back and also sorry for your Los

  62. Nicholas LeBel

    Nicholas LeBelПре 8 дана

    Can we finish Trever Saves the Universe?

  63. Frank Mercef

    Frank MercefПре 8 дана

    I just realized that his beard looks like tony Stark’s

  64. Aaron Blaze

    Aaron BlazeПре 8 дана

    Jack plsss play little nightmares 2 plsss

  65. AngelCold

    AngelColdПре 8 дана

    Jack: The drama in this house!! *Jack sees computer* Jack: Ooouuu boots


    LISA MANONO XПре 9 дана

    “Cuz he’s got the fish”

  67. ghoost

    ghoostПре 9 дана

    I just remembered that untitled goose game co-op with two geese!!!

  68. Buggy Boi

    Buggy BoiПре 9 дана

    Jack I hope you know your a legend you always will be❣️

  69. Lznnon-

    Lznnon-Пре 9 дана

    Much love Jack, keep strong👍

  70. Crispy

    CrispyПре 9 дана

    Jack has always been very funny and entertaining. I'm sorry for your loss Jack.

  71. Steve KQA414

    Steve KQA414Пре 9 дана

    THIS REMINDS ME OF DOWNTE ABBY (if i spelt it right)

  72. David Sweeney

    David SweeneyПре 9 дана

    it is a true name

  73. Noah0927

    Noah0927Пре 9 дана

    We need more burnout paradise ever on like this commet so we can get him to play burnout paradise

  74. Lazy Productions

    Lazy ProductionsПре 8 дана

    Maybe not a good time to be spamming game requests in his face.

  75. Arens Stratoberdha

    Arens StratoberdhaПре 9 дана

    i just went back to jacks all the way song and its been 4 years holy shit im starting to cry

  76. tizlar a

    tizlar aПре 9 дана

    Can you do hitman 3 VR Please

  77. Daniel Metcalf

    Daniel MetcalfПре 9 дана

    Amazing nickname for jack : Jack Pepsi guy

  78. Erehhh

    ErehhhПре 9 дана


  79. my mate Dave

    my mate DaveПре 9 дана

    Then cry you man child

  80. Luka Blackwood

    Luka BlackwoodПре 10 дана

    FIsh time du dun dun dun.... dun dun ......dun dun can't fish this.

  81. BadQualityFrog

    BadQualityFrogПре 10 дана

    I wish he'd do the detective story, such a good story

  82. Lynn M

    Lynn MПре 9 дана

    He did check out jacksepticeye archive and go the the 2nd hitman stream and go to the end

  83. Kylo Ren

    Kylo RenПре 10 дана

    Day 1 of asking jack to play the henry stickmen collection

  84. Lazy Productions

    Lazy ProductionsПре 8 дана

    Don’t. Ask. Him. To play games right now. It’s really insensitive.

  85. Livi cake

    Livi cakeПре 10 дана

    nobody: nobody at all: his title: slapping people with fish

  86. Dat V0id

    Dat V0idПре 10 дана

    Jack, Your fps is looking really low there. might have to rip out your gpu and get a new one.

  87. Amber Petrovit

    Amber PetrovitПре 10 дана

    Hey jack did you know people cosplay you

  88. Timmy Toppings

    Timmy ToppingsПре 10 дана

    They a new mario game called bower fury

  89. Stell Golding

    Stell GoldingПре 10 дана

    He may be a dangerous assassin that has killed millions of people but did you realize he’s bald!? That’s the key defining feature!

  90. RED. JUST RED.

    RED. JUST RED.Пре 10 дана


  91. EX0 • ηiαηα

    EX0 • ηiαηαПре 11 дана

    Jack... I heard about ur fathers lost. I'm very sorry to hear that I wish you could have a better future and always remember that your dad is always in your heart🥰

  92. prodigy101 legend

    prodigy101 legendПре 11 дана

    Agent dow

  93. Colette Thornton Hackett

    Colette Thornton HackettПре 11 дана

    Ireland boys

  94. Internet Noob

    Internet NoobПре 11 дана

    It hurts me so much see this unsuspecting Jack, not knowing what’s going to happen in just a week :(

  95. Internet Noob

    Internet NoobПре 9 дана

    @BadQualityFrog What happend, happend in about a week from when this video was uploaded

  96. BadQualityFrog

    BadQualityFrogПре 9 дана

    @Internet Noob I have but what's gonna happen in a week?

  97. Internet Noob

    Internet NoobПре 9 дана

    @BadQualityFrog You have’nt seen his last video?

  98. BadQualityFrog

    BadQualityFrogПре 10 дана

    What do you mean?

  99. Kyle Malcomson

    Kyle MalcomsonПре 11 дана

    Wonder when he is gonna play little nightmares 2

  100. Rose Water

    Rose WaterПре 11 дана

    stop saying the fricking cursees STOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPP grrrrr reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  101. Starchild

    StarchildПре 11 дана

    Let the skyfall

  102. Mpampis Eleftheriou

    Mpampis EleftheriouПре 11 дана

    A famous person's father died why don't we all comment it everywhere. Shut the fck up and show some respect. Like all around the world silence is the key to respect so stfu.

  103. RexaKnight

    RexaKnightПре 11 дана

    Hopefully once jack returns he plays honeypop 2 cuz thats gonnna be hilarious since his old seriois was

  104. Lucas Schell

    Lucas SchellПре 11 дана

    Crazy 5 years later I’m still watching him in 2021 grind never stops for Him✅✅✅

  105. Born Again Christian

    Born Again ChristianПре 11 дана

    What is the purpose of our existence? Your purpose is to know God. After we die, the Bible says we’ll face God as our Judge. Have you ever rebelled (sinned) against God? Examine yourself by God’s Law, the Ten Commandments. Have you ever told a lie? Ever stolen (the value is irrelevant)? Jesus said, “Whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” In God’s courtroom, our sins are very serious crimes. They’re so evil that the just punishment is death and eternity in a terrible place called Hell. The Bible says that God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked. He is rich in mercy and provided a Savior: “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” Jesus Christ (who is God manifested in the flesh) died on the cross, paying the death penalty for sinners. He then rose from the dead three days later, defeating death. Hundreds saw Him after His resurrection; it’s no fairy tale. Jesus fulfilled all the prophecies about the promised Savior, written in the Holy Scriptures hundreds of years before His birth. Salvation is a free gift of God that you can’t earn. To know God and have your sins forgiven, do what the Bible says: repent and believe. Trust in Jesus as you’d trust in a parachute-don’t just “believe” it can save you, put it on and cling to it with all of your being. Wholeheartedly commit yourself to following Christ, and turn your back on sin. Then show your gratitude by obeying His command to be baptized. Be sure to also join a Christian church and read the Bible daily. God will never let you down.


    MATTHEW HINERПре 11 дана

    i must the fucking fish


    MATTHEW HINERПре 11 дана

    lol this fucking shit is the best

  108. DIL3N

    DIL3NПре 12 дана

    this is hilarious

  109. Jazthesloth

    JaztheslothПре 12 дана

    oh i can already see the comments on kevins videos OH YOU COPIED JACKSPEIRDIEMAN HE USED THE FHIS FOrST HSJKHFKSJDhflkJHFKJSDHFKL

  110. Leahdabratt

    LeahdabrattПре 12 дана

    Hey jack are you gonna play little nightmares 2????!??!?

  111. blazethefirefox 9806

    blazethefirefox 9806Пре 12 дана

    He just got rid of my link with out looking at it didn't he

  112. Superior Bean

    Superior BeanПре 12 дана

    Top of the morning to you ladies my name is jackseptictank

  113. SansFighterX Yeet

    SansFighterX YeetПре 12 дана

    Jack you should play Concrete Genie it's a peaceful game