The HARDEST Decision in Among Us History

We held a talent show in Among Us with Proximity Chat
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  1. NorwegianOwl

    NorwegianOwlПре 14 сати

    Jag vil dö👏🏼

  2. DoYouWantPocky? UwU

    DoYouWantPocky? UwUПре дан

    Im swedish

  3. Shreyas Rastogi

    Shreyas RastogiПре 3 дана

    16:10 You know what, no matter how surprising it is, Jack is right.

  4. Karissa Stenlund

    Karissa StenlundПре 3 дана

    Jack and pewds just immediately trolling on corpse about card swipe on the first mira round is so funny to me

  5. ControllerNex

    ControllerNexПре 3 дана

    The intro is like looking at a scary horror game intro

  6. Tiffaney

    TiffaneyПре 4 дана

    The whole talent show all I can think of is “cake or death” 😂😂😂

  7. Martina Mcparland

    Martina McparlandПре 4 дана

    I'm irish

  8. RazorBladezs

    RazorBladezsПре 5 дана

    i love how jack walks past cyan's body within the first 1 minute and 20 seconds of the video

  9. What does Fred say?

    What does Fred say?Пре 5 дана

    When Corpse took a dead breath before killing Jack

  10. Jamira Singss

    Jamira SingssПре 5 дана

    Corpse’s reaction to “so how’s your love life?” IS THE SAME AS MINE just incoherent flustered sounds

  11. Kristha Lamastus

    Kristha LamastusПре 6 дана


  12. Kristha Lamastus

    Kristha LamastusПре 6 дана

    Omg i think some one is in love with corps

  13. michael holder

    michael holderПре 8 дана

    Any one else wanna hear the rest of that joke?

  14. Ania Lott

    Ania LottПре 10 дана

    were not gonna tLk about how many bodys jack passed as crewmate

  15. Jfrausto1, Bflowers2

    Jfrausto1, Bflowers2Пре 11 дана


  16. Chloe Hannah

    Chloe HannahПре 12 дана

    I love how it's not even among us anymore it's just them messing around lol 😂

  17. Madalyn Uhl

    Madalyn UhlПре 12 дана

    Can we talk about how Jack walks past Corspe body at 1:27?

  18. Austin Palacios

    Austin PalaciosПре 12 дана

    Well, I mean, what else are they going to do? They can't report it because they are playing hide n' seek

  19. Matteo Ferracane

    Matteo FerracaneПре 13 дана

    We need this with the other group too!

  20. Rhiannon Benson

    Rhiannon BensonПре 13 дана

    ok did anyone else here Felix call corpse Ian?

  21. Heated Hat

    Heated HatПре 12 дана

    @Austin Palacios I know how did they get Ian lol

  22. Austin Palacios

    Austin PalaciosПре 12 дана

    He said; "You should get a kazooie and then we can jam out"

  23. Heated Hat

    Heated HatПре 13 дана


  24. Rhiannon Benson

    Rhiannon BensonПре 13 дана

    the time stamp is 17:25

  25. oakley price

    oakley priceПре 14 дана

    so i fall asleep to these videos and i woke up to the screams i have never felt more fear in my life

  26. Jessie Cristo

    Jessie CristoПре 16 дана

    This video has joined my fave list of among us vids. So much fun to watch. I can already tell I'll be rewatching it often.

  27. Definently Dorky

    Definently DorkyПре 16 дана

    for sure my favorite video ever and it also has the best combination of ppl ever

  28. mila reimerink

    mila reimerinkПре 16 дана

    this was really fun :)

  29. mila reimerink

    mila reimerinkПре 16 дана

    what is this game mode hahahahha

  30. Megan Coffee

    Megan CoffeeПре 16 дана

    corpse giggling is the cutest

  31. Heather McFarland

    Heather McFarlandПре 17 дана

    *Joke ending:* The doctor says, “I’m very sorry to hear that. I thought if he took those tablets he would be all right.” “Oh the tablets were fine,” says Mrs. Murphy. “It was all the bloody skipping killed him”

  32. Professor Unity

    Professor UnityПре 17 дана

    This is top 10 anime crossovers

  33. Rona_83

    Rona_83Пре 18 дана

    Whats your favourite asteroid? Ahh - the big one 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  34. Rona_83

    Rona_83Пре 18 дана


  35. SnowChild4180

    SnowChild4180Пре 18 дана

    Jack missed his chance! SPEED IS KEY!

  36. some people are just dumb yk

    some people are just dumb ykПре 18 дана

    whoever was imposter should've closed doors to storage and trap crew in there like jail cell, if crew tries to escape they get murdered but if they stay in storage then they stay alive

  37. Peek Chan

    Peek ChanПре 18 дана

    5:25 😝😝😝😝

  38. Fishy Cow

    Fishy CowПре 19 дана

    *"where are they..?"* "AHND I'OM SOH SOHRRY"

  39. Cherry_Cinnamon Tree

    Cherry_Cinnamon TreeПре 20 дана

    The ONLY reason(s) I watch Jack, Is because.. 1: He swears, And thats my go to move 2: He's Irish, And i'm Irish, So.. yEh.

  40. Jade Mckenna

    Jade MckennaПре 20 дана

    Me: spedicey corpse music spedicey corpse music damn idk

  41. James Ware

    James WareПре 20 дана

    The damp semicolon uniformly admit because pasta unsurprisingly hover after a long-term facilities. depressed, materialistic jumper

  42. Austin Palacios

    Austin PalaciosПре 12 дана

    Oh my god, you are spamming Jack's videos. Why? Who is telling you to do it. What is the purpose? I won't stop asking

  43. Austin Palacios

    Austin PalaciosПре 12 дана

    Or is this some sort of bot? Why are you guys everywhere? Who is behind all of this?

  44. Life with Elaysia

    Life with ElaysiaПре 21 дан

    Corpse giggle is sooo cuteee

  45. GalaxyGirlXD D

    GalaxyGirlXD DПре 21 дан

    He- walked right past a body- *confusion* Edit: I understand now ōwō

  46. Hologram

    HologramПре 21 дан

    The way jack said "ya" when being asked if he murdered someone was so wholesome

  47. Gracie-Mae Blaney

    Gracie-Mae BlaneyПре 22 дана

    1:04 they walk past a body 😂😂😂😂

  48. Ema Kepic

    Ema KepicПре 23 дана

    Next time u could be slow and see who won the same thing as last games but to be slow

  49. Bilal Beynah

    Bilal BeynahПре 23 дана

    "Jag Vil Dö." "You want dirt?" *"Jag vil dö."* "What does that mean?" *"I wanna die."*

  50. butter king

    butter kingПре 23 дана

    Who else would watch these guys do VR chat

  51. Minerva

    MinervaПре 24 дана

    I kinda miss dave...

  52. Gurtpower

    GurtpowerПре 25 дана

    Jag vill dö

  53. Mrs. Amajiki

    Mrs. AmajikiПре 25 дана

    Corpse: jag vill dö Me speaking Norwegian: pardon, you know sWeDiSh!?... what about the brown cheeses!? Also me: jeg har også lyst til og dø, det er egentlig ganske vanlig for min del, alle i klassen min har lyst til og dø. :) Also me :SACRIFICESACRIFICESACRIFICESACRIFICESACRIFICESACRIFICESACRIFICESACRIFICESACRIFICESACRIFICESACRIFICESACRIFICESACRIFICESACRIFICE

  54. Ron Coleman

    Ron ColemanПре 25 дана

    That O face is so stupid. Gonna unsub because it is all I see and it takes AWAY from your content. Can't do it anymore. 🖕

  55. Nana WHS

    Nana WHSПре 26 дана

    The best one was the race :D

  56. Lilly Draws

    Lilly DrawsПре 26 дана

    I love this videos so freaking much. It gives many of the serotonins

  57. mini mei

    mini meiПре 26 дана

    Adiemus.... such a nice throwback to the 90s...

  58. SHSL Kokichi Kinnie

    SHSL Kokichi KinnieПре 26 дана

    no one: jack and corpse: D O R I M E

  59. October Summer

    October SummerПре 27 дана

    corpses swedish was actually pretty good ngl

  60. The Phoenix

    The PhoenixПре 28 дана

    No one gonna talk about the Buzzfeed unsolved joke at 5:03?

  61. Thomas Kleven

    Thomas KlevenПре 28 дана

    Jeg vil dø

  62. TestSubject6

    TestSubject6Пре 29 дана

    The hills have eyes and the walls wheeze

  63. DumbySticc

    DumbySticcПре 29 дана

    Was that a Buzzfeed Unsolved reference?

  64. Tropical Penguinz

    Tropical PenguinzПре 29 дана

    I have a head ache from laughing so much 🤣

  65. Gage Rice

    Gage RiceПре месец

    7:35 jack and pewds makin out behind the dish🤣🤣🤣

  66. Anythinggoes

    AnythinggoesПре месец

    Wtf, why is no one reporting???

  67. M4trix

    M4trixПре месец

    10:34 White Tee

  68. Tsehay Eck

    Tsehay EckПре месец

    10:35 his laugh 😂😭

  69. Br0kenTrashcann288 Jolly

    Br0kenTrashcann288 JollyПре месец


  70. jj bug

    jj bugПре месец

    jack är inposten

  71. Drake Olson

    Drake OlsonПре месец

    What I heard 7:45 Q: Whats your favorite asteroid? A: Ben.

  72. [] • Hēwråįñ • []

    [] • Hēwråįñ • []Пре месец

    Swedish corpse

  73. crystal rose gamer

    crystal rose gamerПре месец

    Jag vill dö means I want to die

  74. Sofia Lopez

    Sofia LopezПре месец

    "I need to channel my inner sykkuno

  75. Suck toe ;]

    Suck toe ;]Пре месец

    Jag vill dö

  76. Nica C. Bacarisas

    Nica C. BacarisasПре месец

    Corpse giggling 😍😂 uwu

  77. Kabir Ghaffar YT

    Kabir Ghaffar YTПре месец

    1:01 seriously did anybody there notice that???

  78. Shadow Savage

    Shadow SavageПре месец

    CORPSE:Jag vill dö What? I want to die 👀

  79. No Pressure

    No PressureПре месец

    The words to the Friday the 13th theme is kikiki mamama

  80. Someone OwO

    Someone OwOПре месец

    the joke was "Oh fuck."

  81. Chiara

    ChiaraПре месец

    "Stop being a Swedish up here" I'm dying of laughter.

  82. Yoga Prathap

    Yoga PrathapПре месец

    This was the best among us lobby ever...😂

  83. Llama Punch

    Llama PunchПре месец

    We just gonna ignore Jack not reporting bodies in the first part?

  84. Olivia

    OliviaПре месец

    Can someone please give me the link to the whole stream if it is still somewhere cause I loved this whole stream so much but I can't find it anywhere I literally find every other stream but not this one

  85. Leslie Diesman

    Leslie DiesmanПре месец

    this is still the most perfect episode of among us to exist

  86. Sam BuhBAM

    Sam BuhBAMПре месец

    21:24 I feel like I’m in Spain with out the S he isn’t that just pain lol he tweeted that not to long ago

  87. Kat Gamez

    Kat GamezПре месец

    Me: *sees 999 dislikes* Me: Jack... Im sorry... I have to-

  88. Christina Doss

    Christina DossПре месец

    Ok Im watching this for the first time-and completed the lyrics 'Like you hate me like you love me' then proceeded to clap my hand over my mouth because I didn't realize what I was doing XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  89. aku lapar

    aku laparПре месец

    00:38 [Corpse] I wanna die 01:27 [The Bushes] I'm hiding. 02:05 You can't kill me 'cause I'm Irish. 02:33 Okay, tell me a joke. (Oh fck) 02:53 [Jack-Corpse] What's your favorite flower? 03:21 Too slow~ 03:54 [Dave-Jack] Hello. Can you not kill me? 05:04 [Jack-Pewds] Why are you wheezing? 05:20 Pewds' BRAINS 05:54 [Corpse] Science rules~ 06:18 How's your love life? 07:09 [Jack-Dave] If we just stay here we can Die-ve. 08:14 That was embarrasing. 08:45 Perfect card swipe 09:54 CHOKE ME.. like you love me 10:34 [Corpse-Jack] I spilled wine all on my.. 10:46 [Corpse] Where are they? 11:05 [Corpse-Pewds] I spilled wine all on my.. 12:20 [Jack] We should've a talent show. 13:54 Rap battle between Corpse and Jack. 14:59 [Pewds-Jack] Your time has come. 17:26 Among Us RACE 19:53 Implement a new rule

  90. Diluc Ragnvindr

    Diluc RagnvindrПре месец

    'What if I'm wrong..?" "You can't ever be wrong if you follow your heart" *ad starts* Me: SKIP THIS SHIT

  91. Kawartha Dental Clinic

    Kawartha Dental ClinicПре месец

    does anyone feel like corps is markaplier

  92. Livie Ballard

    Livie BallardПре месец

    among us: find the imposter them: let’s hang out while being precious bois !!

  93. kidspikeplayz

    kidspikeplayzПре месец


  94. Alexandra De Guzman

    Alexandra De GuzmanПре месец

    this is so wholesome

  95. Turginator

    TurginatorПре месец

    Nogla: you are the Jaiden I thought you were! Jaiden:....

  96. ThePurple 1

    ThePurple 1Пре месец

    The game where you whisper the sentence is called Telephone

  97. Luna

    LunaПре месец

    Hey! Dave from boyinaband! Cool

  98. Anderlala 666

    Anderlala 666Пре месец


  99. Cairin211 Kittens

    Cairin211 KittensПре месец

    I love how they all walked past cyan body in the first game

  100. Mastermind B

    Mastermind BПре месец

    jack what episode of happy wheels was your fav dave 69 my recomeded list ya you get that at the top my prof is that he has his shirt off

  101. BaguetteSlippers

    BaguetteSlippersПре месец

    Efhfragrgdg I asked my sister to finish the lyrics and she said the same thing as pewds and she didn't know what I was even talking about

  102. Ligma Balls

    Ligma BallsПре месец

    Corpse’s voice makes my lady bits sing 🤣

  103. Madison Vlogzzz

    Madison VlogzzzПре месец

    Sooo no one was going to report cyans dead body

  104. Raquel Knabben

    Raquel KnabbenПре месец

    15:40 uh oh pog face ate him

  105. Dwi Rahman Soleman

    Dwi Rahman SolemanПре месец


  106. Dark Lord

    Dark LordПре месец

    Is it weird I got a add we’re tom And jerry for 20 min on a yacht cool but why this for a add

  107. GiGa B23

    GiGa B23Пре месец

    1:01 ._. someone explian